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terms of use

Fujita Kanko Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) sets forth the Terms of Use of the Online Accommodation Reservation Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) (the “Terms”) with respect to the use of the Service that the Company provides by a company, a group or an individual user as follows:

1. Article 1 Scope of Application
The Terms will apply to the Company and service users as specified in Article 2 hereof (individually referred to as the “User”; collectively “Users”).

2. Article 2 The Service
The term “Service” means the act of receiving a reservation of accommodation at the accommodation facilities provided by the Company online.

3. Article 3 Terms of the Service
Upon using the Service, the User shall follow the Terms.
To make an accommodation reservation by using the Service, the user shall register his or her name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.
The User agrees that there are restrictions on the content of accommodation services that can be provided through the Service, and that no further service or rate reduction is requested.

4. Article 4 Establishment of Accommodation Contract
The accommodation reservation made through the Service will be completed when the reservation number is displayed on the browser or when an e-mail notifying the content of the confirmed reservation is sent, and at this time, an accommodation contract between the accommodation facility and the User will be established.

5. Article 5 Cancellation of Accommodation Reservation
Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Article, if the Company determines that the applicant for accommodation reservation has violated the Terms, or if it is recognized that there is an act falling under any of the prohibited matters in Article 6 hereof, the accommodation reservation may be canceled without prior notice.

6. Article 6 Prohibited Matters
Upon using the Service, following acts shall be prohibited:
1) An act of making false or unreasonable requests for an accommodation reservation;
2) An act of applying for accommodation reservation on behalf of another person without the person's consent;
3) An act that has caused or may cause disadvantages to the Company by unreasonably interfering with the operation of the Service;
4) An act of infringing on the rights or causing damage to other users or third parties;
5) An act of using the Service for commercial purposes such as resale or paid mediation;
6) An act that violates or threatens to violate public order and morals; or
7) An act considered inappropriate by the Company other than the preceding subparagraphs hereof.

7. Article 7 Cancellation and Change of Accommodation Reservation
1) When canceling or changing the accommodation reservation, the User must contact the accommodation facilities through the Internet reservation system of the Company or by phone.
2) If the User cancels all or part of the accommodation reservations, the following penalty charge (cancellation fee) should be paid according to the Terms as specified by the accommodation facilities.
≪ Penalty Charge Regarding Accommodation Rate (Cancellation Fee) ≫
(1) General Rules (Notice on separate rules for use of 10 or more rooms by group and during events)

Cancellation date (based on check-in)
Two (2) days before
One (1) day before
The day

Cancellation Fee (Percentage)
Free of charge
100% of accommodation rate per night of stay
100% of accommodation rate per night of stay

8. Article 8 User Information
1) Upon providing the Service, the Company do not disclose the User's personal information and usage history obtained while providing the Service to a third party, except in the cases below.
a. When disclosure is requested to a public institution with legitimate authority;
b. When the User has consented; or
c. When an unavoidable situation that requires an urgent response occurs.
2) The Company may use the information of the User for the purpose of researching trends in the use of the Service. At this time, the User's personal information and usage history will not be disclosed to a third party in a way that can identify companies, organizations, or individuals.
3) In addition to the above, the Company handles the User's personal information appropriately according to the Privacy Policy specified by the Company.

9. Article 9 Payment
1) The rate of the accommodation reservation made with the Service will be notified to the applicant via an e-mail that notifies the confirmation of the reservation issued by the Company.
2) The User will pay the accommodation fee according to the method specified by the Company when the User checks in.
3) In addition to the rate notified at the time of the reservation confirmation, if there is a separate fee incidental to the User’s stay, the User must pay at the reserved accommodation facilities.

10. Article 10 Suspension of the Service
The Company may temporarily suspend the Service without prior notice in the following cases:
1) To perform tasks such as maintenance, repair, and improvement of the server;
2) When a failure occurs in the system or device necessary to provide the Service;
3) When it is necessary to temporarily stop the system, such as the number of computer programs or version upgrades;
4) When there is a failure in the Internet network and communication is inoperable; or
5) When there are other unavoidable circumstances.

11. Article 11 Indemnification
1) If the User causes damage to another user or suffers damage by another user by using the Service, both users shall resolve such damage under their responsibilities, and the Company shall not take any liability and responsibility at all.
2) Even if there occurs any inconvenience or damage due to any accident or communication failure, etc. in Article 10 hereof that disables the Service, the Company shall not take any liability and responsibility at all.

12. Article 12 Revision of the Terms
The Company may revise the Terms, if necessary, without prior notice to the Users.
If the User uses the Service after revising the Terms, the Company will consider the Users has accepted the revision of the Terms.

13. Article 13 Consultation
Any problem arising in relation to the use of the Service regarding matters not stipulated in the Terms will be resolved by consultation between the parties.

14. Article 14 Jurisdiction
Any dispute arising regarding the use of the Service that cannot be resolved through consultation between the parties shall be resolved by the court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company in accordance with the laws of Japan.
Revised on May 15, 2020