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    Seoul Animation Center

    Seoul Animation Center   Ani PicnicGo on a picnic to Seoul with Korea’s most-loved animation characters!Pororo, Tayo, Super Wings, Sofy Ruby, Slow Slow Sloth Neul, Wonderland Alice, and many other characters are waiting for you at famous photo zones in Seoul!   Comics CafeComics Cafe is a cartoon library wide-open to all cartoon lovers.From old-school comics to the latest animations, you can read 30,000 books for free. If you are looking for a place to park yourself in this busy city, come and immerse yourself into the cultural multiplex of Comics Cafe.  

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    Ahn Junggeun Memorial Museum

    Ahn Junggeun Memorial Museum is a space where various related materials such as Ahn Junggeun's life, relics, and others are displayed. The large statue in the main hall is impressive.Image Source: Ahn Junggeun Memorial Museum official website

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    N Seoul Tower

    If you prefer to solve everything in one place rather than go around many places, we recommend N Seoul Tower. This tower is a good place to taking a walk, having a date, eating delicious food at fancy restaurant.Image Source: N Seoul Tower official website

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    Myeongdong Jaemiro

    Myeongdong Jaemiro is a street name where you can see sculptures, murals, and Korean cartoons. It is a good course to walk from Myeongdong to Namsan Mountain.Image Source1. Korea Tourism Organization’s official website2. Seoul Animation Center official website

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    Namsangol Hanok Village

    It is a traditional cultural complex where you can enjoy various cultural programs and Korean traditional music performances.Image Source:

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    Seoul Metropolitan Library

    The building that used to be a government building has been remodeled into a library. It is good to see the exterior of the building itself, which maintains its old appearance.Its inside is a good place to look around the flow of Seoul's history without being bored.Image Source: Cultural Heritage Administration official website

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    Culture Station Seoul 284

    It is an exhibition space where you can see the history of the old Seoul Station. Not only Seoul Station history but also various exhibitions are open all the time.Image Source: Culture Station Seoul 284 offical website

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    Sungnyemun Gate

    Sungnyemun Gate is the first national treasure of Korea. We recommend you to take a look at the ceremony held twice a day except Monday.Image Source: Cultural Heritage Administration official website

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    Deoksugung Palace

    Deoksugung Palace, one of the five representative ancient palaces in South Korea, has beautiful scenery both day and night. In particular, you can feel a different mood from the palace buildings colored by the lighting after sunset.Image Source: Cultural Heritage Administration official website

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    Seoullo 7017

    Seoullo 7017 is a trail where you can see from old Seoul buildings to modern buildings just by walking along the road. If you book a walking commentary, you can look around while listening to the commentator's explanation.Image Source1. My Korea Trip2.

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    Cheong Wa Dae(Blue House) "Sarang-Chae"

    "Sarang-Chae" is an exhibition hall decorated to see the chronicles of Cheong Wa Dae and the previous Korean presidents.Image Source: Cheong Wa Dae official website

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    Jongmyo, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a shrine dedicated to the kings and queens of the Joseon Dynasty.Image Source: Cultural Heritage Administration official website

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    Jogyesa Temple

    Jogyesa Temple was built in 1395 and is called the center of Korean Buddhism. It's good to look around the inside of the temple, which varies according to the season.The Lacebark Pine, a protected tree designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, are famous, and are estimated to be about 500 years old.Image Source: Jogyesa Temple official website

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    Bukchon Hanok Village

    Bukchon Hanok Village is the best place for all visitors to see Korean traditional buildings in a quiet atmosphere.You can look around the interior of Hanok converted into a small workshop and see Namsan Mountain in the distance.Image Source1. Korea Trip Guide2. Seoulkorea-tour

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    Gyeonghuigung Palace

    Gyeonghuigung Palace, which is set in Inwangsan Mountain, is good for a walk. The area is smaller than other old palaces, but it is good to see.We recommend you to look around the Seoul Museum of History together.Image Source: Cultural Heritage Administration official website

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    Changdeokgung Palace

    Changdeokgung Palace Secret Garden has been a closed area for 100 years, but now only reservations are allowed. You can feel as if you were the king of Joseon as you walk through the quiet, middle of nature.섬네일/상단 이미지 사진 출처1. Unesco Korean National Commission official website2. tural Heritage Administration official website

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    Changgyeonggung Palace

    Changgyeonggung Palace houses the first western-style greenhouse in Korea. As the greenhouse is hot during the day, so we recommend you to visit in the morning.Image Source: Cultural Heritage Administration official website

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    Gyeongbokgung Palace

    Gyeongbokgung Palace is one of the five representative ancient palaces in Seoul and has the most attractions, so there are many visitors. There are various attractions such as a museum and the ceremony at the gate.Image Source1. Gyeongbokgung Palace official website2. K-Heritage TV official website

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    The exhibition hall is located inside Lotte Department Store. If you liked or were interested in media art exhibitions, we recommend you to visit.Tickets cannot be purchased on-site and are only operated on a reservation basis.Image Source: Groundseesaw official website

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    Myeongdong Theatre

    Myeongdong Theater, which used to be the center of various performances from plays to operas and dance. Even today, various performances are being held in the theater.Image Source: Myeongdong Theatre official website

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    Myeongdong Cathedral

    Myeongdong cathedral is located in the center of Myeongdong. Have a walk along Seosomun Pilgrimage route.Image Source: Private blog