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    Supsok Hanbang Land

    Various entertainments are available at Supsok Hanbang Land.Various activities such as jjimjilbang, karaoke, shooting range, and arcade are available, so various people such as family, couples, and friends visit.This place have appeared on TV a lot, and we recommend to eat the grilled garaetteok after spending time in a hot charcoal kiln! Strongly recommend you to visit. Image Source1. Naver Smart Place

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    SPAREX Sauna

    Enjoy Korea's unique spa culture at SPAREX. You can sweat in various concepts of jjimjilbang or sleep comfortably in a warm loess room.Try Sikhye and baked eggs for dessert. It's open 24 hours a day, so you can visit anytime. Image Source1. Naver Smart Place

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    Inwangsan Mountain

    Inwangsan Mountain is located behind Gyeongbokgung Palace. Especially, Beombawi is one of the best hiking courses to see the night view of Seoul. Sit on a rock and enjoy the open view.Image Source1. Seoul Metropolitan official website2. CNN

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    Bugak Skyway

    The Bugak Skyway, which is recommended as a driving course, is a place where the beauty is maximized at night. You can feel the refreshing phytoncide of Bugaksan Mountain.Image Source: Korea Tourism Organization offical website

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    Seoul City Tour Bus

    It is a tour bus that departs from Gwanghwamun and goes around Mapo-Banpo-Hannam-Seongsu Bridge-N Seoul Tower and returns to Gwanghwamun. (Please buy tickets in advance!)You can enjoy the night view of the Han River without any blockage by driving on the bus lane. It has a 30-minute stop at N Seoul Tower, so it's good to take pictures during that time.Image Source1. Seoul City Tour Bus official website2. Seoul Metropolitan city hall official website

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    Cheonggye Square

    It's good place to sit in front of Cheonggyecheon stream with coffee nearby cafes and rest your tired feet. We recommend you to stop thinking and concentrate to listen to the sound of water.Image Source1. Korea Open Government License offical website2. official website of Seongdong-gu

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    Café Mooni

    Mooni is a cafe where you can see the night view of Seoul from the rooftop. If you don't like the rooftop, you can enjoy the night view from the two-story room with a window.Image Source1. Naver Smart Place2. Tsunagu Japan

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    Oriole a bar run by a Korean famous singer, Jeongyeob. It is famous as a place where you can see the view of Namsan Tower, and the interior is decorated with a pretty props, so it often appears as a filming location for dramas.It's good to have a glass of wine with the view of Namsan Tower.Image SourceNaver Smart Place

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    Seoul Square

    Seoul Square is restricted to come inside, but we recommend you to visit the park behind the building at sunset. It's a good place to see buildings around Seoul Station, which are stained with orange sunlight.Image Source1. Keumho Tire official blog2. ZinCo Green Roof Systems

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    The Hanoi Foot And Body

    It has a high rating for its clean inside and is a massage shop where you can get therapy from a Korean.Image Source: The Hanoi Foot And Body offical website

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    The Foodshop Myeongdong

    It is a massage shop that provides high-quality service at the reasonable price. It's perfect for relieving tired legs from traveling.Image Source: The Foodshop official website